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Financial Resources —Did you know that there are many financial resources that can help people living with breast cancer? Find out more

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Team are groups of walkers - or runners or sleepers or long-distance supporters - that can be made up of family members, co-workers, friends or any combination! There is no minimum number of team members required. By forming or joining a team, you can help rally around loved ones you know who were just diagnosed, have fought the battle or may have lost the battle to breast cancer.

Team T-shirt Logos

Pink Circular Logo
White Circular Logo
White Square Logo
Pink Square Logo


Forming A Team Online

You can use our online registration to begin forming a team and download a copy of your Team Captain Information Packet (PDF / Word) to learn everything you need to know to being a Team Captain this year.
Teams may get started using online registration or by using paper registration forms, however, we ask that ALL members of a team register in the same way – either online or paper. Online registration is simple, but if you have any problems or questions: email for tech support.

Team Fundraising

We are encouraging all team members to step up to the challenge and raise money beyond registration fees to support the fight against breast cancer. Both online and confirmed offline donations will be credited both to the individual and will roll into the team fund raising total. Every gift, no matter how small, makes a difference in saving lives and finding a cure - even asking 10 friends for $10 will go a long way in serving more women in Central Indiana!

When you register for the Race, you automatically receive your own fundraising website that you can personalize - teams receive an additional Team fundraising page that captains can edit. Your Team page is a website that friends and family can visit to find a team member or give a donation that supports the fundraising efforts of the entire team.

Forming a Team On Paper

For those who prefer to use paper, registration forms, team tracking and team reconciliation forms are available for download below. Should your team continue to register on paper, the team captain will be required to pick up member’s items during Packet Pickup at our warehouse.

Please note, the deadline for mailing team paper registration forms is March 25th.

If you are using a paper registration, download the team tracking form for your anticipated team size: